Video: The Truth About Press Start 2 Continue!

The secret is out! Press Start 2 Continue is totally a rip off of these totally real games!

The movie comes out in just one week! Gosh, the trailer sure was fun to make, but maybe I should actually start shooting the movie now…

10 Responses to “Video: The Truth About Press Start 2 Continue!

  • Steve Ulven
    11 years ago

    Yes, Ed, better start shooting the movie. Only a week left, hope you work well under the pressure of short deadlines.

  • Do you really have the permission of these game companies?
    Well, when the next Press Start rolls around, be sure to take a few tips in the ninja department from esteemed directors Charles Lee and Raymond Chang!

  • Zack Nimbus
    11 years ago

    I thought this was real at first. Spaceman Sam is the name of an actual game though by the way.

  • Haha, that was great. Fooled me on the first few too >.> xP

  • Do these games even exist? I’m not an 8-bit gamer (born too late) so I know nothing about this gaming circle.

  • Mattwo
    11 years ago

    @Chris. In case you didn’t notice some of these games were made later than even the 16 bit era. But if you can’t get the joke go to gamefaqs and wikipedia.

  • Kanathia
    11 years ago

    Absolutely hilarious. Expression at the end was priceless.

  • What’s up, I have noticed that on occasion this website shows a 404 error message. I thought you would like to know. Regards

  • love it, had me fooled as well 🙂

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