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You crave the one-of-a-kind. The hilarious. The retro. The futuristic. The retro-futuristic. We’ve got you covered.

Our original movies and shows are created especially for you, the discerning weirdo. The Press Start movies (and animated series) are packed to the edge of the screen with classic videogame comedy. The surreal Ninja the Mission Force adds candy-colored assassins to classic films. And experience the furthest edges of the cosmos with the award-winning animated epic Space Ninja.

Meanwhile, if weird world cinema is your thing, look no further. “Deja View” lets you in on the secrets of outrageous foreign movie rip-offs—from Turkish Star Trek to Nigerian Titanic. “The Golden Ninja Podcast” takes you back to a time when Hong Kong filmmakers were cranking out cheap, bizarre kung fu flicks for the Blockbuster Video crowd. And our articles give you the lowdown on renegade stars like the Turkish Bruce Lee.