Press Start: Lost Levels – “Double-Jump”

Just a reminder, all this week (thru Saturday) is “Press Start: Lost Levels” week, featuring comics by Alex “Schizoid Cricket” Mitchell!

Press Start: Lost Levels - "Double-Jump"

6 Responses to “Press Start: Lost Levels – “Double-Jump”

  • Hahaha, lazy comic. For an added twist, switch those word bubbles in your head.

  • Secret Identity
    11 years ago

    Just goes to show why I should check this site everyday. I had no idea these comics existed until today. I just finished making pages for them on the wiki.

  • A Black Mage who TRIES to be evil, but never suceeds
    11 years ago

    Love the Legend of Zelda reference, reminds me of the time in Spirit Tracks when I had to use the chicken to jump farther to get that pesky treasure chest in hyrule

  • Thanks, Secret Identity, you rock!

    Black Mage, I still need to play Spirit Tracks one of these days…

  • Andre DeJesus
    11 years ago

    Zack should have pulled a Threepwood and used a chicken with a pully.

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