Korea’s Most Insane Anime Rip-Offs

Golden Ninja Podcast: Episode 9

In 1945, after 35 years of Japanese occupation, South Korea enacted a 50-year ban on Japanese pop culture. No books. No films. No anime. But by the 1980s anime had snuck into the public consciousness anyway. It captured imaginations. And to get around the ban, a number of South Korean animation companies began producing their own films with copycat versions of famous anime characters from series like “Mobile Suit Gundam” and “Macross.”

Enter our friend Joseph Lai. In the 1980s Lai bought a bunch of these knock-offs and released them internationally through his Hong Kong company IFD. On this episode of the Golden Ninja Podcast we give the goods on two of the strangest. One is Savior of The Earth, which distinguishes itself by being mostly a clone of an American movie, “Tron.” It’s come up before on “Deja View.” The other is even more special. Lai took all of the Korean anime he owned at the time—something like 7 films—and cut bits of all of them into one incomprehensible final product: Space Thunder Kids.

Things get animated on this episode of the Golden Ninja Podcast:

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