When RoboCop Battled Zombie Vampires

Robo Vampire

Shoehorning white guys into existing Asian movies was not the exclusive province of ninja-riffic IFD Films & Arts. When producer Tomas Tang left IFD in the 1980s and formed his own company Filmark, he brought the formula with him. There he developed his own wacky flavor of cut-and-paste ninja movies and applied the technique to non-ninja fare as well. After the popularity of Golden Harvest’s comedy horror film “Mr. Vampire,” Tang added Chinese hopping vampires to his menu.

And since “RoboCop” was a big hit at the time as well, it only made sense to combine the two! Right?

Join Kenneth Brorsson and me as we give you the scoop on Robo Vampire and ninja flick Shadow Killers, Tiger Force on the Golden Ninja Podcast!

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One Response to “When RoboCop Battled Zombie Vampires

  • Emily Hawes
    4 years ago

    So, Robo Vampire is on tubitv if people want to see it. Dunno if it’s available overseas, but it’s available in the U.S. for free. Just gotta make an acocunt and watch ads.

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