Turkish Rambo Speaks!

Hey gang! I’m incredibly excited to unveil our exclusive new interview with Serdar Kebapçılar, the star of RAMPAGE (Korkusuz)! Serdar was kind enough to chat with us about his career, his movies, his interests, and a whole lot more.

On a related note, Serdar’s website can be found here.

Also, special thanks to Gokay Gelgec and Sinematik!

4 Responses to “Turkish Rambo Speaks!

  • Great video! I don't care what anyone says; that fight between Serdar and Osman in Rampage was great.

  • Bah! Does this mean I'll be seeing a Special Edition of Turkish Rambo in my near future?

    (And hurry up with releasing Turkish Rocky. 🙂 That one looks great!)

  • Ed Glaser
    12 years ago

    Nope, no "special edition" planned. I'd say the current edition's already pretty special 😉

    Unfortunately I don't currently own the rights to release Kara Simsek/Turkish Rocky.

  • Anonymous
    12 years ago

    A great, illuminating interview. Serdar looks like a great guy. I hope we see more of him in the future.

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