Space Ninja


In a distant time, civilization has stretched beyond the edges of the known universe. Laser weapons and feudal lords dominate the lives of the people. Among rocket-propelled Japanese castles and robotic geisha, the Undying Demon Lord is destroying everything in his path.

Until one of his own stands against him.

Space Ninja follows a silent cyber-assassin who betrays his master and his programming, sending him into utterly unknown territory. Accompanied by a young girl whose life he saved, he travels between deep space outposts seeking a way to stop his overlord and save a galaxy that might hold no place for him.

It’s Kurosawa meets cyberpunk. Winner of a Telly Award for art direction and with an exhilarating score by composer Chuck Cirino, it looks as good as it sounds.

Download the Production Notes (PDF)


Alex Mitchell (writer, animator) is an independent artist and illustrator who has created comic books and designed artwork for film, theatre, and animation. He is also known for his reimagined versions of classic DC and Marvel characters in Victorian Era occult, chambara, and 1920s styles.

Ed Glaser (producer, director) is a filmmaker and founder of Neon Harbor. His directorial credits include the acclaimed videogame comedy movie Press Start and its sequel Press Start 2 Continue. He also produces the animated show “Press Start Adventures” as well as the video series “Deja View” which showcases unauthorized foreign remakes of popular American films.

Chuck Cirino (composer) has been scoring movies and television soundtracks since the mid-1980s. His film credits include Return of the Swamp Thing, Deathstalker II, Komodo vs. Cobra, and Bone Eater. Today he has at least 7 films playing on Syfy.