The Turkish Film Disguised as a Chop Socky Flick

Golden Ninja Podcast: Episode 10

The usual modus operandi of ’80s Hong Kong producers IFD and Filmark was to take an old Chinese film, add a few new scenes of Caucasian actors (often in ninja costumes), and sell it to overseas markets as a new film. Except the one time they started with a kung fu movie from Turkey.

Turning their formula upside down, Filmark took the Turkish/HK co-production “Karateciler İstanbul’da,” starring “Turkish Star Wars” icon (and the Turkish Godfather) Cüneyt Arkın, and added a handful of new scenes starring Chinese actors. Including “Enter the Dragon” co-star Bolo Yeung. The result was Ninja Killer. Despite featuring no ninjas whatsoever.

Join us for the new Golden Ninja Podcast as we unmask “Ninja Killer” and cop thriller/ninja mashup Silver Dragon Ninja:

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