The Italian “Predator” Rip-Off More Insane Than the Original

Hey gang! Noah Antwiler over at The Spoony Experiment just posted his latest video review: a hilarious take on ROBOWAR, an outrageous knock-off of “Predator” by infamous Italian director Bruno Mattei.

And if you take a look, you may see some familiar faces. ROBOWAR is one of my absolute favorite remakesploitation flicks, and I had the extremely fun opportunity to produce some sketches for Noah’s review. You’ll probably recognize Press Start actors Peter Davis, Joshua Stafford, and Al Morrison, among others, who were kind enough to dress up once more in funny costumes and do silly stuff in front of the camera.

Lastly, I put together a little behind-the-scenes video of how we made the sketches. You can see it below, if you’re so inclined:

10 Responses to “The Italian “Predator” Rip-Off More Insane Than the Original

  • Anonymous
    12 years ago

    Hey! Is Count Vale was the one introducing the team during the slide show? The sketches were hilarious! They look very professionally made. I was seriously wondering which movie they were taken from and how I could have missed it!
    Nice "you're in my way sir" SWAT reference :))

  • Anonymous
    12 years ago

    Until the swat reference i thought they were clips from a professionally made parody so good job you guys!

  • Ed Glaser
    12 years ago

    Thanks a bunch!!

    And yep, that's Count Vile as the Commander. 🙂

  • Hilarious! Very well done. I can't wait to see what your next project is gonna be, Ed.

  • It wasn't until the credits that i discovered that these clips weren’t liberated from an actual comedy film or sketch show. The reason i checked the credits is because i found these segments to be particularly funny and wanted to see more. I must profess that it wasn't until this episode of the spoony experiment that i was aware of dark maze studios but now i really want to see more of your stuff. Very funny professional stuff.

    Blue out

  • Ed Glaser
    12 years ago

    Thanks Blue!

    And Okoa, you may learn what's coming next on September 25… 🙂

  • Hi, Papa Doc here, the real one….
    This parody is as funny as I’ve ever seen and I am honored that poor ROBOWAR was so important as a bad film to have been used for this far better purpose.
    Ciao, JOhn

  • Thanks a million, John! You were our favorite character, and Alex Mitchell took great joy in his portrayal of our “Papa Doc” equivalent!

    Would love to chat with you sometime about your experiences on the film and working with Bruno Mattei — as well as the rest of your career.

  • Ed, just email me for an interview. I’m in the Philippines.

  • Ed, I’m in L.A. now. Just 2 weeks ago a great filmmaker from Switzerland flew over to do a length interview on me…I was so honored. I’m nearly 70 now… john

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