The History of Cinema’s Lamest Superhero

U.S. Catman

It’s the most cliche superhero origin story in comics: friend of CIA agent gets bitten by radioactive cat.

So begins the tale (tail?) of “U.S. Catman,” Joseph Lai’s half-hearted attempt to cash in on the superhero craze, riding the wave of Batman’s 1989 big screen revival. In creating Hong Kong’s own animal-themed crusader, Lai put himself in the (off-screen) role of super villain. With his lethal Moviola he ruthlessly chopped two innocent, if dull, Thai action movies to ribbons. Then he added new footage of Jonathan Isgar in a heroic Members Only jacket and Blue Blockers, and finally stitched it all together into two new films: U.S. Catman in Lethal Track and U.S. Catman 2: Boxer’s Blow.

This looks like a job for the Golden Ninja Podcast!

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