The Best Action Movies Made Out of Other Action Movies

Ninja the Protector

The 1980s equivalent of a Kindle gold-rusher, Hong Kong mountebank Joseph Lai churned out so many cut-and-paste action movies through his studio IFD that it’s hard to know where to even start watching. (I can’t supply the “why”—that’s on you.) But don’t worry, that’s where we can help. We’re professionals.

You’re invited to get another earful from Kenneth Brorsson and myself on the Golden Ninja Podcast. This episode we make a case for our favorite cut-and-paste action flicks. Mine is the ninjas-on-motorcycles epic Ninja: The Protector, which I like so much I made it a bonus feature on the Ninja the Mission Force Season 2 DVD. And Ken goes for the non-ninja classic Majestic Thunderbolt, featuring a still-kind-of-enthusiastic Richard Harrison in a rare baddie role:

Want to find out why they’re [probably] the best? Then suit up (camo ninja uniform or track suit—your choice) and crank up the volume in spite of the lack of tunes!

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