The Alpha and Omega of Cut-and-Paste Action Movies

All things must come to an end. In this case, I’m referring both to IFD’s Hong-Kong-based cut-and-paste movie empire and to our podcast on that very subject. To wrap up our series on IFD’s bizarre and lucrative practice of taking old Asian movies and dressing them up for the international market by adding new scenes of Caucasian actors, we’re looking at the first and last times they put the technique into practice.

Before ninjas were the action genre du jour, IFD Films and Arts, Ltd. was happy to throw as much random action madness as occurred to them:

Once the ninja craze had come and gone, IFD moved on to cash in on the success of “Bloodsport.” Their final “movie loaf” (that is, made from real movie parts, chunked and formed) was one of these “Kickboxer” knock-offs. And moreover, it was the only time where they salvaged an unfinished film.

So join us for our final episode of the Golden Ninja Podcast as we undertake a Mission Thunderbolt in order to achieve our Royal Destiny!

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