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Night of the Living Dead... with ninjas. Dinosaurs vs. ninjas. Orson Welles vs. ninjas! We've put the world's most colorful assassins into history's weirdest films. Get it before Travolta's lawyers…

Our award-winning comedy returns to crowbar ninjas into more Hollywood classics. Westerns. Cartoons. Mad Max type thingies. Even silent films!

The creators of "Ninja the Mission Force" crack jokes through one of the insane movies that inspired the series. Crime lords, camo-print ninjas, and macho mustaches await you!

An average suburban kid is recruited by a hot-head ninja and a space soldieress to save the videogame world from a childish evil sorcerer.

When his friends are captured, ultra-violent ninja Lin-Ku is forced to team up with a bubbly princess to save them—and the world—from the resurrected Count Vile.

A ragtag bunch of adventurers is the videogame world's last hope against an eccentric evil sorcerer and his villainous friends!

A desperate cyborg is sent through time to stop an alien virus that turns people into psychopaths. Includes FREE BONUS MOVIE: The Last Woman on Earth!

Candy-colored ninjas are haphazardly thrust into a Korean revenge movie.


Ninja the Mission Force seasons 1 & 2, and Ninja the Mission Force Riffs: Ninja Empire for one low price!

Press Start, Press Start 2 Continue, and Press Start Adventures for one low price!


For the first time in English comes a remarkable literary discovery. In 1928, Turkish author Ali Rıza Seyfioğlu pirated Bram Stoker’s Dracula, rewriting it with new material, patriotic overtones, and…