R.I.P. Bill Barounis


Hey folks. I’m incredibly saddened by the news that Bill Barounis, founder of Onar Films, passed away yesterday after a long and difficult battle with cancer.

Bill had an enormous passion for the wild and wonderful golden age of Turkish films, which he restored and released through his Onar label. He was responsible for the only official DVD releases of movies like “Supermen Dönüyor”, “3 Dev Adam”, “Cellat” (the Turkish “Death Wish”), and so many others. No one treated those films like Bill did.

It wasn’t easy, either. He catered to a very niche market and was constantly contending with sluggish sales, piracy, and difficult producers. Yet despite nearly losing hope on several occasions, he kept buying and releasing films because he loved it. He was a fighter.

Without “Bill the Greek”, I would never have been able to produce my DVD release of “Rampage (Korkusuz)”. He was instrumental in getting me in touch with the Turkish producers, and a tremendous source of information for a newbie like myself.

Bill, you were a kind, honest, and awesome guy. An inspiration. You will be terribly missed.

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