Press Start Adventures 35: God of Chores, Part 3

There’s a glitch in the Universe, and the fate of all existence lies with Count Nefarious Vile.

Press Start Adventures is a videogame cartoon series featuring voice actors from Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Mortal Kombat, and more!

3 Responses to “Press Start Adventures 35: God of Chores, Part 3

  • Steve Ulven
    11 years ago

    One of the most hilarious episodes thus far. So is this the final episode that leads into Press Start 2? Hmmm… I’m suddenly in the mood to watch Press Start 1, I’ll be back in Approx. 100 minutes.

  • Cyberxion
    11 years ago

    If there’s one thing that can make a PSA hiatus bearable, it’s knowing that it’s being done so that work can be done on Press Start 2. 😀

    I think I’ll take Steve’s lead and go watch Press Start. I might not be back after the movie is over, though. I mean…not right away. Don’t brow beat me! I have things to do!

  • Sabaah
    11 years ago

    Only Vile would refer to “God” as a jerk. Loved it when “God” blew the dust off the universe cartridge!

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