Press Start Adventures 31: Attract Modes

Sam and Princess Passion Fruit discover that Buzz has a stalker.

There are a lot of characters out there in videogames and TV that come awfully close to Vicki’s level of obsession. Which ones do you find the creepiest?

Press Start Adventures is a videogame cartoon series featuring voice actors from Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Mortal Kombat, and more!

2 Responses to “Press Start Adventures 31: Attract Modes

  • Kevin Folliard
    11 years ago

    I’ve always felt that Steve Urkel’s obsessed girlfriend Myra was no laughing matter. Though she often resulted in hilarious antics.

  • HighEntomologist
    11 years ago

    Anyone remembers Excel from Excel Saga (Absurd & Experimental Anime)? Maybe she’s not that psychotic, but she sure IS passionate towards her boss Il-Palazzo.

    Obsession-wise, I think Meg will do (anyone remember when she made out with Brian – drunk, maybe high on weed, and throwing up afterwards, of course). Now THAT’S creepy.

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