Press Start on DVD! And we need your help!

Has it really been two years since this whole thing started? It’s hard to believe. But you know what’s even harder to believe? Press Start is now available on DVD!

It’s true! I’ve seen it! And we couldn’t be more excited.

But here’s the thing: We need your help! With a few exceptions, Press Start has pretty much been off the media’s radar so far, despite our best efforts and the fantastic talent involved in the project (Mortal Kombat’s Daniel & Carlos Pesina, Metal Gear Awesome’s Arin Hanson, a score by Contra 4’s Jake Kaufman, and all the other crazy folks who have been in the Bonus Levels cartoons). We would really like to change that, and that’s where you come in.

If you like what we do, we’d like to make a humble request: Please tell people about Press Start. If you could do any of the following today, it would be greatly appreciated:

  1. Digg us here!
  2. Submit the news to your favorite blog or news site.
  3. Spread the word on your MySpace, Facebook, blog, website, or whatever! Just link to
  4. Tell, email, or AIM your gamer friends about Press Start!

Please spread the word, and thank you for all your support!

Also, just a reminder that the big screen premiere of Press Start will be on Wednesday, October 3 at 7:00 pm at The Virginia Theatre in Champaign, IL. The event is sponsored by Volition, Inc. – makers of Saints Row, Red Faction, and The Punisher!

13 Responses to “Press Start on DVD! And we need your help!

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago

    yo guys! i have friends at U of I and i love Press Start. i already ordered the DVD and posted this on my website to help promote you guys. fly that 8-bit flag high!

    love, James teh OG.

  • Hey, I know the perfect site you can sell you movie on. Sell a few copies to! Those guys would love to have a share of it! And with how many people they get, you can bet it wil sell out quickly.

    Love the idea, keep up the good work!

  • Piemonkey
    14 years ago

    Faksak, is that you? Get back here! Playsatan, man.

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago

    Showed the movie in the lounge at my University the day it got in.

    Was great, everyone loved it!

    Unborn children attack!

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago

    I just saw the movie, and it was hilarious! I’m just wondering though….is Jake Kaufman thinking about releasing an official soundtrack, by any chance?

    I’d totally buy it.

  • Ed Glaser
    14 years ago

    Hey, thanks for all the kind words, and extra thanks for ordering the DVD!

    We’ve talked about having a soundtrack CD (I want one too!), but I don’t know quite when it will happen. We’ll keep everyone posted!

  • YO! This is Jake. I’m really glad you liked it — as Ed said, we’ve been talking about a soundtrack CD for a while. It’ll take a lot of work to prepare, press, and distribute it, though. I got pretty busy right as PS was wrapping up, so it’s on the radar but not immediately forthcoming.

    Definitely will keep you posted, though. ROCK!

  • derula
    14 years ago

    I didn’t expect the movie to be that great. The great music does a fairly good job. Given that delivery to Europe went that straight, I’ld possibly buy a soundtrack CD, too.

    I can’t reach a large audience, since my website isn’t very well-known. So I’m not sure how to promote you. Can you post any sales figures, or better, since you don’t want to talk about the budget, you could post a relative number how much of your budget you already earned back. So that we know how important promotion is at the moment.

    So thanks for the great 100 minutes and remember to reuse your throwing-stars!

    (Oh no, captcha is “pobut”… “Po” is the German word for “butt” -.- I wish I wouldn’t associate such things.)

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago

    heh, im gonna put the link up onn my blog as soon as i see the movie XD

    im ordering it sometime friday

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago

    Hi, ive recive my copie of the movie last day and listened to it. It was as expected, really cool movie. You know, people might only listen to the movie first but i was attracted to know if there was something else and found that we could play commentaries who really give us a backscene effect of the movies and an extended part of the making-of. I really enjoyed it.

    So gratz guys, its a really great film and ill be checking out so new upcomming Press Start Event.

    – Danny Cloutier

    (Ps: Maybe you could make mini-series like the bonus level but with film caliber. It could be on website once a month and removed when next get on. After this, every 6, 7 month you get us a Season DVD.)

  • Sacha
    14 years ago

    Hey, this is Kristi, Jake’s fiance. I’ve seen the movie and it’s really great. 🙂 I really wish I could have come with Jake to the premier, but work keeps me away.

    At least I have some yummy apple donuts to enjoy. Come to MAGFest, I want to learn to crochet to go with my knitting. 🙂

  • Awesomeness. So what’s next for Press Start? I would absolutely LOVE to see more Press Start stuff sometime. Any hopes of a sequel?

  • Gemma
    14 years ago

    Seriously awesome. I mean, for an independently-made production I was very impressed. Brilliant quality picture and sound – I dunno how you made the voices sound all ‘non roomy’ and stuff but it was neat! The special effects and CG were also cool.

    But naturally the best thing was going to be the humour. Right from the start it had me giggling with a large variety of game parodies, both old and new. Naturally, this isn’t going to appeal to non-gamers much, but the shop scene where Lin-ku was listing that he needed lots of throwing stars made my mum chuckle.

    And Jake Kaufman did a fantastic job on the soundtrack. Next to the funnies, the music was the best thing in the film. The props weren’t half bad either. Those scary contact lenses, oo-err… *shudders*

    The DVD itself looked really professional too, with shiny printed cover and labelled disc! I’d definately consider the company that made these to ship “Outcast Hero” when its finished. That in mind, seeing such a brilliant low budget project come to fruition gives me much motivation for my own one.

    Once again, fantastic. I’m glad my multi-region player was able to read it ^_^

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