Press Start: Lost Levels – “Z-Axis”

This one probably occurs before the events of Press Start 1…

Press Start: Lost Levels - "Z-Axis"

5 Responses to “Press Start: Lost Levels – “Z-Axis”

  • That last panel really creeps me out…

  • Zack Nimbus
    11 years ago

    Is this a reply to the last Lost Level where someone asked what happened when Sam found out that Zippy was dead?

  • A Black Mage who TRIES to be evil, but never succeeds
    11 years ago

    Sam never found out that Zippy was killed by YOU, Jack…er…Zack Nimbus

  • Mattwo
    11 years ago

    He killed zippy in PS1? I forgot…

  • Sabaah
    11 years ago

    Why is Zippy so creepy? I mean, he’s cute for a second or two, then the cuteness turns into creepiness. It seems only Vile and Sam really like Zippy…so what does that say about them?

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