Press Start: Lost Levels – “Exposure”

Press Start: Lost Levels - "Exposure"

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  • Secret Identity
    11 years ago

    This reminds me; I still don’t know how Zack told Sam that he killed Zippy…

  • It probably went very much like that. 😉

  • Kieron Overton
    11 years ago

    Is that Sparklestorm from Dr McNinja?

  • Who says anyone told Sam anything about Zippy?

  • Kieron, I can understand your confusion. Sparkles is in fact Sparklelord’s alternate-reality younger brother, Sparkleface. And he can (could) turn into a rainbow-covered rocket-skateboard. It’s probably worth noting at some point that these are not canonical with the Press Start Universe as far as I know.

  • Krosse Alucard
    11 years ago

    Good luck getting out of this one, Lin-Ku.

    As for Zippy, well…
    Sam: Hey, where’s Zippy?
    Zack: Uhh… He went up north to live with his aunt for… the rest of eternity.
    Sam: …Oh. Well then, I should give his aunt a call and tell her I said hi. See how Zippy’s doing.
    Zack: *grabs Sam’s comlink and destroys it* …There was a spider on it.
    Sam: …Right…

    I could see that happening…

  • So far I don’t see any blatant contradictions to Press Start cannon Alex….. but I’m going to have to take Sparkles out of the starring role he was supposed to have in the next two PSAs…

  • Sabaah
    11 years ago

    Lin-Ku, what haven’t you killed in order to level up?

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