Press Start: Bio Haphazard

Hey gang! Press Start Adventures is still in the works, and in the meantime we’ve got another exciting announcement…

In case you haven’t heard of them, X-Strike Studios is a totally awesome group of folks who produce videogame parody movies. They started out with River City Rumble in 2003 and now, four movies later, they’re about to release their latest achievement, Resident Horror — a hilarious spoof of survival horror games and the Resident Evil series in particular.

Back in January, X-Strike asked us if we’d be interested in producing a short survival horror spoof of our own for the Resident Horror DVD, and how could we resist!

So we’re proud to announce a brand new live-action Press Start short, created exclusively for X-Strike Studios and the Resident Horror DVD, due out in June:

You can find out much more about the DVD at!

8 Responses to “Press Start: Bio Haphazard

  • Anonymous
    14 years ago

    Whoa, awesome! This is pretty exciting. 8D

  • Anonymous
    13 years ago

    Has this progressed any?
    You said it was due in June, yet it is the beginning of September.
    If it is out yet, where might I find it?
    I am greatly impressed by your works, (bonus levels in particular, every other ‘humor’ flash i’ve seen pales in comparison. And trust me, I don’t laugh easily.) and hope to see much more soon.

  • Ed Glaser
    13 years ago

    From what I understand, X-Strike lost a large chunk of the score for “Resident Horror” in a hard drive crash, so their DVD has been delayed. I’d recommend checking their website for updates: That being said, we’ll also post again when the DVD comes out.

    Thanks for the kind words!!

  • Anonymous
    13 years ago

    Wow, thank you for the quick response.
    I think I get the idea now, thanks.
    By the way, will you release it online sometime in the future?

    Also, how goes the progress for
    PSA (Press Start Adventures)?
    The website has proved unreliable in terms of updates; has it already released, or not?

    And if it is answerable, will it be available on the Samsung Juke phone type? (Although that is up to verizon if I am not mistaken, not you. I am sure this question has been asked countless times.)

    Thank you again,
    The Raptor.

    (PS, in Press Start the Movie. You can see Lin-ku’s face, AKA human skin. Yet in the flashes, all that is visible are his red eyes. Was this removed due to the budget, or is there a reason?)

  • Ed Glaser
    13 years ago

    Hey Raptor!

    Not sure about “Bio Haphazard” being released online. It’s possible, but probably not until well after the “Resident Horror” DVD is released.

    Regrettably PSA has taken a lot longer to get “out there” than we had hoped, and sadly that’s out of our hands. So that’s been pushing our second season back a while. However, it’s absolutely 100% going to be made, and we already have about 90% of the dialogue recorded. As soon as we have news, we’ll be proudly spreading the word. It’s also possible that some of those will make it online as well.

    Regarding what phones it’ll be available for, that’s up to the carriers, just as you said.

    In the meantime, though, we’ve been working on some new fun projects.

    Also, Lin-Ku’s red eyes were a stylistic choice Kevin made when we started working on Bonus Levels. He’ll actually look a little closer to the movie version for the second season.

  • Anonymous
    13 years ago

    Dear Ed,
    We, your devoted following were wondering – is there some sort of sacrifice we could offer to the Press Start gods that would yield any additional tasty morsals of information? We understand wholeheartedly that you’re on the front lines, slaving over scripts and dialogues and line readings and Shockwave files but we’re crying for any new information, man. Our copies of Press Start have spun in our DVD players, proud and unchallenged, for several months now but our dormant hunger begins to arise once more. Certainly you can understand – you nourished / spoiled us for the better part of a year with news updates and Bonus Level shorts and, well, we’re thirsty for more but the keg is tapped dry.

    We know that whatever it is you have cooking on the backburner is probably full of win and we can’t imagine juxtaposing ‘Press Start’ with the phrase ‘epic fail’ but… *anything*, man. Even another update simply to say “Update coming soon”, which would, admittedly, feel kinda empty but we could all huddle around such an update and pretend to feel its warmth while we waited for the Press Start sun to come out.

    We can has cheezburger now please?

  • Ed Glaser
    13 years ago

    Update tonight, honest!

    Your plea has not fallen on deaf ears; cheezburger is on the grill! And I apologize for keeping you guys in the dark. 🙁

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