Press Start Adventures: Training Mode

With the second season of Press Start Adventures launching in less than a week, I’ve put together a little video primer to introduce newcomers to the world of the series. So join an animated me as I attempt to catch you up on some Press Start Adventuring.

Also, eagle-eyed viewers may notice a few new clips from the upcoming episode…

One Response to “Press Start Adventures: Training Mode

  • BobJoeJamilio
    13 years ago

    Im a big fan of a lot of the games you parody/reference, a lot of which are the reason i am now a final year BSc Computer Games Technology student at the university of Portsmouth, UK.

    I found your show today and have watched all the eps…gotta say im a big fan.

    I may even come back to you guys sometime next year in the hopes you will answer some questions that may assist me with my dissertation, studying the games and movie industries, particularly where they merge(machinima (e.g. RedVsBlue)and game/movie adaptations such as yours)…basically user-created videos based on game storylines or game engines.

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