Press Start Adventures 16: Side Quest

Zack’s drink purchase is complicated by a grouchy old hag.

Press Start Adventures is a videogame cartoon series featuring voice actors from Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Mortal Kombat, and more!

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  • polsunicorn
    13 years ago

    i just started watching these again, after having lost hope that they would return. i’m glad that they are back! these last two episodes are good.

    i was curious, though, as to why the older episodes were shorted/changed from their original state? i went to watch some today and noticed that the lines were different (i watched them several times before, only reason i noticed!) a slight nit-picky thing, but just curious!

    otherwise, keep up the good work!

  • justin
    13 years ago

    I got this one, Ed.

    Polsunicorn: Ed pre-emptively did some Q&A about this back in November or so; here's the main explanation:

    "Are there any differences between the Bonus Levels episodes and the Press Start Adventures episodes?

Yes! Most notable is the addition of new music and sound FX. We’ve also cleaned up the audio quite a bit, and the intros are different to reflect the new title.

In addition, I’ve done a little re-editing to tighten them up. That means you might notice a line missing here and there, but I think overall you’ll find the alterations to be positive ones, if not unnoticeable.


But I wanted to watch them in their original form!

    No worries! The original Bonus Levels versions are preserved for posterity on their Newgrounds page, so you can always see them there.

    Ed also touched on the Opening / Title Sequence as well as part of the reason the edits happened in the first place:

    I just watched “Endgame, Part 1” again and noticed you removed the scene where Vile kills the Dark Mage. Is there a reason for this?

It was just cut for time, I’m afraid. When I was re-editing the Bonus Levels toons, originally for cell phones, they needed to be under 3 minutes. The bit with the mage made it too long, and since the episode was really about Scarthcaroth, it wasn’t entirely necessary. I like it too, though, and it serves to set up Vile’s method of dispensing with his adversaries, as seen again in the movie. For what its worth, the Bonus Levels version is still available on Newgrounds.

    While you removed the little intro bits for each episode, will they be returning for PSA?

Probably not. When retooling the series, we thought it’d be better to just cut to the chase (i.e. get the episode started ASAP), and when a show is only 3 minutes long, a 15-20 second intro is a substantial chunk of that.

    Finally, there’s the question of “Why not simply put the original full-length episodes online since the cellphone thing fell through”, which I asked a little while ago. Ed fielded that one, as well. Behold:

    You mentioned that you trimmed the length of some of the episodes because of the original plan to release them on cell phone (Your exact words being “When I was re-editing the Bonus Levels toons, originally for cell phones, they needed to be under 3 minutes.”). With that said, since the cell phone plans are no more, why not put up the original full-length shorts as well?

    there are a handful of reasons we decided not to put up the original versions. For one, it just gets too confusing to have multiple versions of each episode. Also, with the exception of only a few bits that had to be cut for time, the new versions are SO much better: new music (as opposed to no music); cleaner, remastered sound; much better pacing; etc. I’d rather have newcomers watch these than the old ones.

    But I should stress that the original “Bonus Levels” versions still exist on Newgrounds, and I encourage anyone who wants to see them in their original form to check them out there.

  • Anonymous
    13 years ago

    Hey there, Raptor here.
    I just watched Side Quest again for the third time. It’s still just as genious. (Good old Lin-Ku.)
    Seriously though, this is very clever writing, plain genious.
    When I heard that Joshua Stafford would be voicing Zack, I was a bit worried. He was perfect for the film, but his I figured his voice might have not fit the flashes. Frankly, I was wrong. He and all the other members do a great job.

    Also, I watched Press Start the Movie a few days ago on the live stream. Congratulations, you floored me with some of those jokes. Even my father liked it! I also appreciate the fact that you kept the language and such at a low. I’ve already recommended Press Start to a number of people.

    I only have one complaint. David Humphrey, while he does an excellent job, has a sort of lisp, or sound when he speaks as Vlad. It sounds like he’s swallowing after every word.

    Sincerely, the Raptor.

    PS #1: I noticed you brought back Lin-Ku’s red eyes, why? I thought you said that he was going to have skin, was it easier to animate the red? Oh, yeah, and I like the new outfit too.

    PS #2: In the movie, there are two plumbers, the one alive that we see is Plumber Pete’s brother, I assume. Will he be in the flashes?

    PS #3: With Vile overthrowing that one guy, I’m assuming that’s how ScarthCaroth will return. Ressurection?
    And in that case, will Captain Psycodrive return as well?

    PS #4: Will there be any other new characters? And if so, good or bad?

    Thanks for your time.

  • DemonShifty
    12 years ago

    dude what was the url that you found the movie I've been looking everywhere for it

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