Watch an Exclusive Scene from Press Start 2

It’s HERE! I’m so excited!

But there’s more! How about an exclusive scene from the movie you can watch RIGHT NOW? Here it is!

As I say in the video, we need every ounce of your help to spread the word. So I encourage you to do any of the following:

And just as a refresher on the features, this is a Region-Free NTSC DVD containing:

  • 3 Audio Commentary Tracks
    • Director/producer Ed Glaser & writer Kevin Folliard
    • Director/producer Ed Glaser & production designer Meagan Rachelle
    • Actors Al Morrison, Joshua Stafford, & Alex Mitchell
  • Making-Of Featurette
  • “Press Start: Bio Haphazard” short film
  • Mini-poster insert by comic artist J.T. Molloy
  • Trailer

Thanks so much! And please let us know what you think!

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26 Responses to “Watch an Exclusive Scene from Press Start 2

  • Steve Ulven
    11 years ago

    Just ordered. Hopefully should be here Tuesday, I hope.

  • Treps
    11 years ago

    Bought my copy, can’t wait for my premier party!

  • Daniel
    11 years ago

    I bought my copy the minute it poped up and can’t wait for it to come!!!

  • I sent out emails to Kotaku, and to review your movies. I also twittered and Facebook a million times with all the links! I’m no done yet though gotta keep spreading the word!

  • Thanks to everyone who’s helping to spread the word. You guys rock! 🙂

  • DONE and done, Dark Maze Studios. I put up journal entries where people can see them, so that might net you another… oh… two or three new customers! 😀

    … I’m terrible at this. 🙁

  • Zack Nimbus
    11 years ago

    It looks hilarious already! I won’t be able to order my copy for a few weeks since I’m moving. If I ordered it here it probably wouldn’t come in for atleast six months.

  • Zack Nimbus
    11 years ago

    I also linked everything on my FB and tried to show the first movie to most of my friends. Only one or two people I know like it as much as I do though, but alot of my friends aren’t as into video games as I am.

  • Fred Fritz
    11 years ago

    You know, I am more excited to see Press Start 2 than anything Hollywood has coming out.

    Can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

    Congratulations Ed on finishing another film.


  • I sent a letter to my mom, my sister, my aunt, my cat, the kid down the street, and I’ve been handing out flyers in my pasttime to people out in the street. I told everyone to google “Press Stop” by Fred Frazer. That was it right?
    Give me a phonecall, I’d like to buy some stocks in your company.

    How about “the only way I can keep producing is to rely on artistic and personal integrity”

  • Mattwo
    11 years ago

    I just hope this one is better than the last one. The last one seemed rather sub-par. How’d it get “best” anything? Maybe like Vile said “The competition was just having an off day”?

    Not to say it didn’t have it’s good parts but some parts just seemed absurd. Like the DDR training montage…Sadly the bad outweighed the good.

  • derula
    11 years ago

    Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait… that air mail better hurry.

    Would have twitter’d and Facebook status’d if I had twitter / Facebook accounts.

    @Mattwo: What’s the problem with DDR training montage? That was hilarious!

  • Sabaah
    11 years ago

    Love it! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive. This scene was funny and if that’s any indication, then the movie is going to be awesome!

  • So why do you need a seperate commentary with Meagan And Kevin? Is there a bunch of guy talk in one and some plumber pete action in the other? xP

    Hoping my copy comes by my b-day on wednesday. Getting to watch Press Start 2 on my 21st b-day would be more awesome than going out and getting drunk.

  • Mattwo
    11 years ago

    Well I may have accepted the montage if anything came of it, but nothing did! So much for an “important skill”.

  • Deviouspoptart
    11 years ago

    I didn’t think people would actually come here and bash Ed and the gang for their work. These guys love the movies and love what they are doing. The training montage was great. The humor being Zack having to master martial arts, shooting and dancing, effectively dipping into three different genre’s of games. In a way it shows how all gamers are united (really, Lin Ku playing DDR).

    Not to mention the inherent, as you pointed out, absurdity of learning to dance, or follow arrow signals, to defeat a dark sorcerer. It even has ties in to the nature of the movie, a parody. How many times have you played a game where you learn a useful skill, only to have it come into place maybe twice in the game? There was virtually no point to Jackamo in the original movie, it’s a running gag, a joke, a parody. Mattwo, you are the sort of person that doesn’t like Naked Gun movies because some of the jokes are unrealistic.

    The first movie was gold and if the second one is half as good I’ll be happy. Already have it ordered and can’t wait to watch it.

  • I’ll give it some love. Oh, just you wait. Oooh baby oooh. LOL

  • derula
    11 years ago

    @Deviouspoptart: I don’t know why somebody would came *here* to express unhappiness over the first movie (at least, could do it in another blog post that is actually *about* the first), but I don’t think it’s a good idea to start a fight over opinions either. I mostly agree with you, but I can also see where Mattwo is coming from. Is it really important whether “he didn’t getting the joke” or “the joke just wasn’t good”? Maybe he just has a different sense of humor. He has obviously seen the movie, knows what is going on and is stating his opinion. Explaining the joke to him won’t make him suddenly like it.

  • Mattwo
    11 years ago

    All I’m saying that I hope that they have gotten proper constructive criticism and have learned form it. I also am saying that a bit of the time used in that movie felt wasted. There was plenty of good jokes but the caliber of said jokes and awfulness of the bad ones just didn’t balance well.

    It was actually rather surprising considering how good the series is as a whole compared to the movie. Perhaps the series set my expectations too high?

  • derula
    11 years ago

    Maybe you subconsciously considered the series to be done in a rush and expected the movie to be much more thought-out, and therefore, funnier. I personally have a few favorite episodes among the series I could watch again and again for hours, while others I find much less entertaining that the movie.

    Also, PS1 was more based on RPG type of games, and made fun of many cliches from this kind of games. If you’re more into fighting games, maybe you’ll like PS2C more.

    Hehe, I hope I will still enjoy PS2C as I’m not really into fighting games that much.
    Can’t wait for that package to arrive!

    *goes re-watch symphony of the trite again and familiar faces*

  • Thanks to all of you guys who have bought the film and are spreading the word!! ^_^

    Ben, the real answer is that my commentary with Kevin is mostly about making the movie conceptually — writing, structure, characters, and so forth. The commentary with Meagan and me covers the more practical aspects of how we made it — props, costumes, etc.

    But I like your version better.

  • derula
    11 years ago

    Sooo… I sent the news to my favorite gaming blog, but it seems they just ignored it 🙁

    But then, I told a friend of mine, and as it turned out, he didn’t even know the first film and ordered both.

    Mission sort of accomplished, I guess?

  • Ordered my copy. My brother should be getting his soon too. I’m very excited about this.

  • Steve Ulven
    11 years ago

    Hey Ed, since many of us are getting it this week, could we get a dedicated blog post where we can come back and talk about the movie where spoilers are okay (and well warned)? I will certainly want to talk about it, but do not want to ruin it for anyone that doesn’t want to be accidentally spoiled.

  • That’s an excellent idea, Steve! Meagan’s posting part 3 of the Party Planner tonight, but why don’t I do a dedicated PS2 Talkback post tomorrow night.

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