Press Release: Sequel to Videogame Comedy Movie “Press Start” In Production

CHAMPAIGN, IL – 10/19/2009 – It turns out their princess was in another movie. Dark Maze Studios, who released the acclaimed videogame parody movie “Press Start” in 2007, is proud to announce production on the sequel, “Press Start 2 Continue”.

Slated for a 2010 DVD release, “Press Start 2 Continue” reunites the creative team behind “Press Start” and follows the further adventures of heroes Zack, Sam, and Lin-Ku.

The original “Press Start” told the story of three ill-matched heroes tasked with saving the videogame world from an insecure evil sorcerer. And along the way, a host of classic videogame series and clichés were lovingly lampooned. The movie and the animated web series accompanying it featured guest actors and voice talent from game franchises such as Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Producer/director Ed Glaser explains, “The great thing about making these movies is that everyone involved loves the games we’re spoofing. From the actors to the set designer to the composer, we all live this stuff on and off camera.”

Glaser is hoping that their love of the very games they poke fun at comes through in the same way as the original. This is no big-budget affair; much like the original “Press Start”, enthusiasm, elbow grease and a sense of humor are all they have to make it work.

Fans interested in following the production can tune in to Glaser’s blog at, where they can also view the monthly “Press Start Adventures” animated web series that will lead up to the release.

About Dark Maze Studios
Dark Maze Studios is a Champaign, Illinois-based micro-budget independent studio that strives to produce high-quality entertainment on budgets Hollywood would consider pocket change. Dark Maze has produced a number of successful films since 2002.

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Ed Glaser, President
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