Press Release: Rampage, the “Turkish Rambo”, Released Today on DVD

CHAMPAIGN, IL (April 24, 2009) – Rampage, the 1986 Turkish film better known to fans as “Turkish Rambo”, was officially released today on DVD by Dark Maze Studios. Originally titled Korkusuz, this marks the movie’s first ever English release, as well as its first release of any kind in 23 years. The $12.99 disc is available exclusively through the film’s website at

Rampage tells the story of a Turkish commando, Serdar, who must infiltrate and capture a group of terrorists living in the mountains.

In recent years Turkey has become well-known in America for its “remakesploitation” movies — knock-offs of popular American films such as Star Wars, The Exorcist, and Superman — from the 1960s through the 1980s. A growing number of B-movie fans are discovering the exuberant cheesiness of this unusual genre, and Rampage is a classic example with an American cult fan base already established thanks to YouTube clips.

As was often the case with remakesploitation films, Rampage was produced in an atmosphere with few, if any, copyright laws. Most of the soundtrack therefore originally consisted of music lifted from other films, including the Jerry Goldsmith score to Rambo: First Blood Part 2. That made the film impossible to release in the US as is.

The DVD contains a commentary track by English language producer Ed Glaser and composer Jake Kaufman, a making-of featurette, poster and lobby card gallery, mini poster insert, and more.

Rampage has been unavailable since its original Turkish VHS release in 1986.

About Dark Maze Studios
Dark Maze Studios is a Champaign, Illinois-based micro-budget independent studio that strives to produce high-quality entertainment on budgets Hollywood would consider pocket change. Dark Maze has produced a number of successful films since 2002. Rampage is the first foreign film to be distributed by Dark Maze Studios.

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Ed Glaser, President
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