Press Release: Free Screening of Videogame Comedy and Costume Contest at The Art Theater

CHAMPAIGN, IL – 04/02/2011 – “Press Start 2 Continue,” the sequel to the critically-acclaimed videogame comedy “Press Start,” will premiere Friday, April 8 at 7:00 pm at The Art Theater. Along with the free screening, which is part of the New Art Film Festival (NAFF), there will be a videogame costume contest open to all attendees.

“Press Start 2 Continue” tells the story of an ultraviolent ninja forced to team up with a bubbly, positive-thinking princess to save his friends – and the world – from a resurrected evil sorcerer.

The film follows in the footsteps of the original, a Champaign-based production which received the following praise:

“The best videogame movie ever made” –
“A suprisingly well-written parody of videogame conventions”- PC Gamer
“A cult classic in the making”-

NAFF, presented by The Art Theater and C-U Confidential, is a festival of short and feature-length films created by people in the Midwest region, with a higher concentration of the work made in downstate Illinois. It is produced in conjunction with the ninth annual Boneyard Arts Festival, presented by the 40 North 88 West arts council of Champaign County.

The online press kit for “Press Start 2 Continue” can be found at, including high-res photos and the movie’s trailer.

About Dark Maze Studios
Dark Maze Studios is a Champaign, Illinois-based micro-budget independent studio that strives to produce high-quality entertainment on budgets Hollywood would consider pocket change. Dark Maze has produced a number of successful films since 2002.

Ed Glaser, President
(217) 722-8289


4 Responses to “Press Release: Free Screening of Videogame Comedy and Costume Contest at The Art Theater

  • Sabaah
    11 years ago

    Will be there…won’t be wearing a costume though. I don’t really have any “video game” costumes. But so hoping Vile makes an appearance (especially after his wonderful animation episode!).

  • Shawn Kim
    11 years ago

    I won’t be able to make it sadly, bu I still have the Dvd so I suppose I can watch it back at home 🙁

  • Ryan Stone
    11 years ago

    Just got back from the Press Start 2 premiere yesterday and it was Awesome!! “Two thumbs way up”. Getting see the Press Start characters on the big screen really a sight to behold. I got a chance to meet Ed and the whole PS2 cast (Lauren Chambers AKA “Sam” was there too!), they were all super nice and a blast to hang around. I got my picture taken with Peter and ”Wow”, he’s a very soft spoken and humble guy. The character of Vile might as well be his evil twin from a mirror universe, because you would never know that they are the same person.

  • Ryan Stone
    11 years ago

    EDIT: Getting to see the Press Start characters on the big screen was really a sight to behold. “my bad”

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