Press Release: Dark Maze to Release Ninjas, Zombies and Laughs – Again – with “Press Start 2 Continue”

CHAMPAIGN, IL – 02/11/2011 – Dark Maze Studios will release a sequel to its critically-acclaimed videogame comedy “Press Start” on DVD March 11, 2011. Described by as “the best videogame movie ever made,” “Press Start” has gained fans worldwide amongst gamers for it’s clever writing and spot-on parody, making up for low-budget indie production with geek-tastic laughs and behind-the-scenes dedication.

The sequel, titled “Press Start 2 Continue”, tells the story of an ultraviolent ninja forced to team up with a bubbly, positive-thinking princess to save his friends – and the world – from a resurrected evil sorcerer.

The film reunites the original cast and crew and adds fan favorite characters from the ongoing “Press Start Adventures” animated web series, including David S. Humphrey (Sonic Adventure 2, Jack Keane) as the sardonic vampire lord Vlad.

The movie also features professional videogame voice actors from series such as Contra, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Shantae; personalities from popular comedy website; and a musical score by videogame composer Jake Kaufman. Fellow game-spoofers Tim Ekkebus and Rory O’Boyle of X-Strike Studios lend their voices to the film as well.

The online press release kit can be found at, including high-res photos and the movie’s trailer.

About Dark Maze Studios
Dark Maze Studios is a Champaign, Illinois-based micro-budget independent studio that strives to produce high-quality entertainment on budgets Hollywood would consider pocket change. Dark Maze has produced a number of successful films since 2002.

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