Press Release: Animated Movie “Space Ninja” Lands Today on DVD


Animated Movie “Space Ninja” Lands Today on DVD

CHAMPAIGN, IL – 10/24/2014 – “Space Ninja,” a new independent animated sci-fi film, arrives on DVD today from Neon Harbor Entertainment. Described as equal parts Kurosawa and cyberpunk, the movie follows a rebellious cybernetic assassin who must protect a feudal society of spaceship dwellers from a sadistic, godlike tyrant. The $12.99 DVD is available at

“Space Ninja” began life as an online comic book by artist Alex Mitchell. Its striking and imaginative artwork immediately captured the attention of producer Ed Glaser. Glaser explains, “I had never seen anything like it. I was looking at massive wooden temples floating through space and enemy ships launching robot ninjas into them as if they were missiles. Before the first story was finished I was already persuading Alex to create an animated version.”

Mitchell, an illustrator, taught himself animation from scratch in order to realize the film. Experienced anime voice actors filled out the cast, and music was contributed by a composer who’s been working in film since the 1980s. All of this makes “Space Ninja” an indie production with incredibly high ambitions, and a contrasting mix of high-style and low-budget.

The unusual cultural synthesis and unique style driving the series earned “Space Ninja” a highest-honor Silver Telly Award for art direction. Beneath the visuals there is also the remarkable soundtrack from movie composter Chuck Cirino, whose larger than life scores can be heard in such films as “Return of the Swamp Thing” and “Komodo vs. Cobra.”

More information about the film including the trailer, high-res images, and production notes can be found at

On a mission to steal a vital power source from a tribe of monks, a ninja soldier spares the life of a young girl and finds himself marked for death by his own clan. Awoken to the truth about his evil master the Undying Demon Lord, the ninja sets out to atone for his own sins by collecting six mysterious engines that could destroy his former sovereign and restore peace.


  • Commentary by Filmmakers Ed Glaser & Alex Mitchell
  • The Making of “Space Ninja”
  • Early Concept Short
  • Short: “Jade’s Omake”
  • Production Art Gallery
  • Classic Ninja Film “Jiraiya the Hero”
  • Original “Space Ninja” Digital Comic Book

About Neon Harbor Entertainment
Neon Harbor Entertainment is a six-time Telly Award-winning independent studio that strives to produce high-quality entertainment on budgets Hollywood would consider pocket change. Neon Harbor has produced a number of successful films and web series since 2005. “Space Ninja” is its first animated feature.

Ed Glaser, President
(217) 722-8289

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Space Ninja DVD Box Art

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