Trailer for Ninja the Mission Force Season 2

The ninjas are back! Ninja the Mission Force: The Complete Second Season is now available on DVD! You can get it right here.

Please share the trailer, tell your friends, and alert your favorite blogs, news sites, and message boards. Word of mouth is all we have, and we need yours! Thanks!

The disc is a Region-Free NTSC DVD containing:

  • All 10 Episodes
  • Commentary by Creators Meagan Rachelle and Ed Glaser
  • Commentary by Actors Ed Glaser, Allison Pregler, and Brad Jones
  • “The Outlaw Script””

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3 Responses to “Trailer for Ninja the Mission Force Season 2

  • Hi Ed,

    The first episode looks great. I had no idea Lee Van Cleef played a ninja once. It’s from the show called “The Master”, is that right? How on earth is that thing public domain? In any case, it was good, thanks for the great work! I’m really looking forward to the Bud Spencer footage, that will certainly be a blast 🙂

    I’ve posted an announcement on my website like for the first season last year ( Hopefully this helps spread the word. I might also write a detailed review of the entire season after the delivery gets here, though that may take a while.

    Will we get a third season? 🙂

  • Hello,

    Great start off for the second season. A shame Gordon is now like his wife was in season 1. Maybe the TV gets put into a robot body with Gordon controlling it with ninja psychic powers? I don’t know. Was the Lee Van Cleef footage from MST3K version of Master Ninja? I didn’t think other copies existed.

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