Trailer for Ninja the Mission Force Riffs: Ninja Empire

Our newest DVD is here! Join the team behind Ninja the Mission Force as we riff our way through one of the most ridiculous ninja movies ever made! And for a very limited time it’s ONLY $7.99.

You get:

  • Ninja Empire with comedy commentary by Ed Glaser, Brad Jones, and Meagan Rachelle
  • Ninja Empire with original audio track
  • The season 2 premiere of Ninja the Mission Force

Please share the trailer, tell your friends, or even drop a note to your favorite blogs, news sites, and message boards. We need to get the word out! Thanks!

One Response to “Trailer for Ninja the Mission Force Riffs: Ninja Empire

  • Jason Pankoke
    9 years ago

    “I KNOWWWWWWWW!!!” Who is that, Hippy the Ninja Hamster? LOL

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