Ninja the Mission Force 02: Ninja Godfather

Whether he likes it or not, Richard Harrison returns to cut-and-paste ninja movies with this week’s episode of Ninja the Mission Force, “Ninja Godfather”! Gordon receives a ninja challenge while Steve infiltrates the mafia.

But that’s not all! The voice of Andy on the phone? That’s Andy Chworowsky, who dubbed and appeared in several of Godfrey Ho’s cut and paste ninja films! He’s the cop who famously asks “What’s a ninja” in one of my favorite IFD films, “Ninja the Protector” (warning, the following trailer contains a shot of female nudity and as such is probably NSFW):

You’ll be hearing more from Andy in the near future… 😉

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2 Responses to “Ninja the Mission Force 02: Ninja Godfather

  • I had to pause this when the footage set in Ancient Rome started to play. After the awesomeness of cheese ninjas I expected a lot of crazy stuff on this show, but cut and pasting Roman gladiators into a present day ninja flick and dubbing them as mafia characters is something I was not prepared for. It’s so sick… I want more! 🙂

  • lackinginsmack
    4 years ago

    Legitimately mesmerizing. Unsure why all youtube traffic is not redirected here.

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