Ninja the Mission Force 10: Fists of Ninja

Hey gang! After more than 10 crazy weeks, the season finale of Ninja the Mission Force is here! Ninja vs. Dinosaurs! Ninja vs. Real Live Tiger! Ninja!

It’s up to you to make season 2 a reality! We love our fans — you guys are great!! — but we need more of you! We just don’t have enough views to do a second season right now.

So, do you know someone with interweb clout? Think Ninja the Mission Force would make a great feature on your favorite blog? Send them our way!

And keep an eye out for an upcoming DVD release of season 1…

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One Response to “Ninja the Mission Force 10: Fists of Ninja

  • Wow, what a finale! Poor Tina… I’m gonna miss her… 🙁

    That fight against the dinosaur kind of reminded me of Army of Darkness, when Ash fights the skeletons in the graveyard. Good stuff that. And the final shot of Gordon in bed was hilarious… 🙂

    Thanks very much to all of you for the great work. The show was awesome! I hope you’ll manage to get that second season done eventually.

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