Ninja The Mission Force 11: Bruce Fights Back from the Grave

Greetings ninja fans! Here in Neon Harbor we’ve decided to take a stand for awesomeness. We’re starting a campaign, a mission and a movement.  The goal? To make the world more ninja-y.

We’ve launched a new section of the site, you’ll see it up and to your right: “Be a Ninja Advocate.” That’s what we’re demanding from ourselves and asking from you all. This page will be updating over the next fewmonths with calls to action and tools to use for pushing the ninja agenda.

So we’re going to do our part by releasing season 2 of Ninja the Mission Force online. One episode will go up each Monday, with a “Ninja Confidential” episode going up on Thursdays to give you some extra insight into the ninja madness we’ve been reveling in around here. That means you’ll get all ten episodes plus the ten behind the scenes features.

Now you won’t be getting any of the nifty special features that came out with the Ninja the Mission Force Season 2 DVD, but of course you know how you can get those.

Anyway, please enjoy week one of ninja goodness here at Neon Harbor, and don’t forget to check out our new campaign and become a ninja advocate!

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