Making PSA: F-Xerox

In this video, writer/animator Kevin Folliard and I discuss making one of our favorite episodes of Press Start Adventures, “F-Xerox”.

Press Start Adventures is now on DVD!

4 Responses to “Making PSA: F-Xerox

  • amanda
    10 years ago

    i want to play the game form this episode

  • Steve Ulven
    10 years ago

    Cool! These will be the first things I watch when I pop the DVD in in just a couple short weeks. Then, of course, all the episodes with commentary on.

  • I have to ask, because I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s curious about this…

    What’s the likelihood that there’s going to be a Press Start Bundle Pack at some point in the (hopefully near) future? Something where you can save like… 15% on the total cost or free shipping or something like that? I’ve been seriously meaning to get my own copy of the first movie and a copy of the second movie (shamefully still haven’t seen it!), so those two PLUS all the wacky adventures I got to watch on YouTube monthly at a slight discount would be absolutely fantastic!

    Of course, it’s also quite worth the full price for everything, but I’m always pecking around for a bargain. X3

  • I’m afraid there’s not much chance of a bundle pack, as much as I’d love to do one. The company that handles our manufacturing, ordering, and shipping sticks to the essentials — single disc units and no option for special offers. It’s how we keep prices down. My apologies!

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