The Making of Press Start

How do you make a movie with the stars of Mortal Kombat, the composer of Double Dragon Neon, and a countless number of visual FX shots all for the cost of a used Atari 2600?

Previously only available on the original Press Start DVD, this documentary won’t be on the upcoming Remastered Edition so we’re making it available online instead.

Since Press Start, “Bonus Levels” has of course become a three-season series called “Press Start Adventures,” and we’ve also made a whole second feature film.

Press Start: The Ultimate Remastered Edition will be released on July 18!

2 Responses to “The Making of Press Start

  • Steve Ulven
    7 years ago

    Also nice to see this available online. I make it a point to watch this every few times I watch the movie (which has been a lot of times). Well done documentary and always a joy to watch.

  • Thanks very much!

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