How Would You Like Your Movie: With or Without Ninjas?

After Hong Kong film factory IFD started making big money in the ’80s by adding ninja scenes to older [non-ninja] movies and marketing them overseas, other companies were quick to catch on. Filmark was IFD’s biggest rival, but smaller production outfits tried their beshuko’ed hands at it too. In the case of Golden Ninja Warrior, a Taiwanese company, with the support of IFD, made a brand new film that had two versions ready to go right out of the gate: a ninja version and a non-ninja version.

We’re going to look at the ninja version, natch.

Join us for this episode of the Golden Ninja Podcast as we get our hands on our podcast’s namesake, Golden Ninja Warrior, and watch Filmark’s more standard cut-and-paste Death Code Ninja:

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