How to Make a Hundred Movies (By Adding Ninjas)


1981. This was genesis. Cannon Films’ “Enter the Ninja” was a hot new property, and a tiny distributor in Hong Kong wanted in.

IFD Films & Arts Ltd. craved their own version. They’d had success in the past cutting new footage into existing Asian films and re-releasing them as new movies. The added scenes were always designed to cash in on the latest action fads. They reasoned they could apply the same formula with ninjas. They started with Taiwanese actioner “To Catch a Ninja,” which involves a scene of ninjas on roller skates that has to be seen to be believed (and which we’d later borrow). Then, emulating “Enter the Ninja” which stars former Spaghetti Western actor Franco Nero, they cast former Spaghetti Western star Richard Harrison for the insert footage. The result was Ninja Thunderbolt!

Join Kenneth Brorsson and me as we compare the original and ninja-fied versions on the Golden Ninja Podcast!

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