Hong Kong’s Dime-Store RoboCop

Golden Ninja Podcast: Episode 12

When Hong Kong hack factory Filmark wasn’t splicing Caucasian ninjas into their existing library of movies, they were looking for other, non-ninja action trends to exploit. And in 1987, RoboCop hit the scene. But RoboCop cost $13 million. And Filmark had maybe six dollars. But with a little silver lamé, some pie plates, and deceptive marketing, who could tell the difference? Add some Chinese hopping vampires for good measure (to capitalize on the success of Ricky Lau’s Mr. Vampire), and they had themselves a movie. A few movies, in fact.

Here on the Golden Ninja Podcast, we’ve already talked before about one of these robo-outings. Join us now as we take on The Vampire is Alive (aka Counter Destroyer) and Devil’s Dynamite:

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