Here’s Why I Love Space Ninja

Space Ninja is a weird movie. It features two protagonists who never speak, a highly unusual narrative structure, and limited animation.

And I’m extremely proud of it.

From page one of Alex Mitchell’s original comic I was hooked. It was like the first time I saw anime on television: “What is this? What is this world?? I’ve never seen anything like this!” It only took seconds before I wanted to see this animated too. And despite already being overloaded with projects, Alex and I carved out time over the course of a couple of years to make it happen. At every stage of our collaboration, from script development to animation to sound design, I tried to recapture that same wonder I felt on page one — and as a kid watching flicks like “Ghost in the Shell.”

It wasn’t hard. Alex’s designs were surreal and stunning. Our voice team, many of them from Japanese animation distributor Anime Midstream, nailed the vibe from the start. And composer Chuck Cirino provided a score that’s haunting, eerie, and beautifully percussive.

I think you’ll like it too. Check out the trailer below, and order yours by clicking the “Buy it Now” button on the right.

Your purchase supports future Neon Harbor movies and shows. And what’s more, we need every bit of your help to spread the word. “Space Ninja” has pretty much been off the media’s radar so far, despite our best efforts and the fantastic talent involved in the project. So we ask you to please do at least one of the following:

  1. Share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, smoke-signal-based newsletter, or whatever! Just link to (And tell people why you like it!)
  2. Post or embed the trailer on any forums you frequent. You can embed the trailer from YouTube: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. Submit it as a news item to your favorite blog, indie film or news site (Topless Robot, io9 — heck, even NPR!).
  4. Tell or email your friends about the DVD.

And just as a refresher on the features, this is a Region-Free NTSC DVD containing:

  • Commentary by Filmmakers Ed Glaser & Alex Mitchell
  • The Making of “Space Ninja”
  • Early Concept Short
  • Short: “Jade’s Omake”
  • Production Art Gallery
  • Classic Ninja Film “Jiraiya the Hero”
  • Original “Space Ninja” Comic Book

Space Ninja DVD Artwork

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