Press Start 2 Continue

Director: Ed Glaser
Stars: Al Morrison, Jenny Nelson, Peter Davis
Writer: Kevin Folliard
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Ages 13+
Format: MP4
Length: 81 minutes
Released: 3/11/2011

In this sequel to the acclaimed videogame comedy PRESS START, the world’s most inexplicably accomplished evil sorcerer, Count Vile, has returned from Hades for a new bid at global domination. With original champions Zack and Sam already in his clutches, it’s up to their estranged, ultraviolent comrade Lin-Ku and the bubbly, positive-thinking Princess Xanna to save them – and the world – from disaster.

PRESS START 2 CONTINUE also adds fan favorite characters from the “Press Start Adventures” animated web series including the sardonic vampire lord Vlad (David S. Humphrey, Sonic Adventure 2 & Jack Keane), sinister succubus Morgan Le Slay, and white-haired assassin Scarthcaroth. Web personalities Noah Antwiler, Stuart Ashen, Lindsey “Z” Briggs, and X-Strike Studios’ Tim Ekkebus & Rory O’Boyle also join the cast.

With new friends (and enemies) waiting for them, will our heroes triumph over evil? Will justice prevail? Will bats ever stop knocking people into pits? There’s only one way to find out: PRESS START 2 CONTINUE.

Special Features:

  • First Time in Full 1080p HD!
  • 3 Audio Commentary Tracks
    • Director/producer Ed Glaser and writer Kevin Folliard
    • Director/producer Ed Glaser and production designer Meagan Rachelle
    • Actors Al Morrison, Joshua Stafford, and Alex Mitchell
  • Making-Of Featurette
  • “Press Start: Bio Haphazard” short
  • Illustrated mini poster art

Watch the Trailer:

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