Ninja the Mission Force – The Complete Second Season

Director: Ed Glaser
Stars: Allison Pregler, Brad Jones
Writer: Meagan Rachelle
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Ages 13+
Format: MP4
Length: 99 minutes
Released: 3/22/2013

Secret agent Cheetah Lee has a serious ninja job to do: defeat the not quite dead ninja master Bruce!

Bruce is back from the grave with an army of mischievous minions—including gunslingers, ninjas, pirates, ninjas, gophers, ninjas, and dragons! And ninjas! What’s more, he’s set events in motion that could unleash an ancient evil (almost certainly ninja-related) and destroy the world. And what’s even more than more, Gordon’s on assignment in Antarctica! So it’s up to his rookie protégé Cheetah Lee to uncover Bruce’s secret before it’s too late.

The Telly Award-winning series is back, once again combining new footage with hilariously re-dubbed scenes from classic films. And this time the rainbow assassins are desecrating everything from war epics to Spaghetti Westerns, animation, silent film, and Blaxploitation!


  • First Time in HD!
  • All 10 Original Season Two Episodes
  • 2 Audio Commentary Tracks
    • Creators Ed Glaser & Meagan Rachelle
    • Actors Allison Pregler, Brad Jones, & Ed Glaser
  • “The Outlaw Script”
  • FREE BONUS MOVIE: “Ninja the Protector” — One of the biggest inspirations for the series! This movie totally un-ironically adds ninjas on motorcycles to a tale of a fashion model corrupted by fame and fortune. “Miami Connection” has nothing on “Ninja the Protector.”

Watch the Trailer:

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