Ninja the Mission Force 3-Pack

Director: Ed Glaser
Stars: Ed Glaser, Brad Jones, Meagan Rachelle
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Ages 13+
Format: MP4

Because nothing goes better with ninja-based comedy than more ninja-based comedy, we’re offering the biggest bundle of sneaky, snarky fun this side of the Internet. This deal includes all three “Ninja the Mission Force” VODs including “Ninja the Mission Force Riffs: Ninja Empire,” which features Brad Jones, Ed Glaser and Meagan Rachelle wise-cracking their way through one of the films that inspired the show in the first place. Of course, you could always watch the film without the commentary to enjoy its madness undiluted, but you should probably do so with caution. It might inspire you to write a very silly web series.

If you want all the “Ninja the Mission Force” goodness, this is the bundle for you. If having 20 episodes with 2 commentaries each (including an extra Christmas special), one feature film with commentary, bonus film “Ninja the Protector,” an interview with a real life Godfrey Ho film actor, two making-of featurettes AND something we call the “outlaw script” doesn’t sound like a fun time to you… well, don’t take advantage of this deal.


Season 1

  • First Time in HD!
  • All 10 Original Season One Episodes
  • 2 Audio Commentary Tracks for Every Episode:
    • Creators Ed Glaser & Meagan Rachelle
    • Actors Ed Glaser & Brad Jones
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS Episode: The Ninja Christmas Special!
  • Telly Award Special
  • The Making of “Ninja the Mission Force”
  • Interview with Hong Kong actor and dubber Andy Chworowsky

Season 2

  • First Time in HD!
  • All 10 Original Season Two Episodes
  • 2 Audio Commentary Tracks
    • Creators Ed Glaser & Meagan Rachelle
    • Actors Allison Pregler, Brad Jones, & Ed Glaser
  • “The Outlaw Script”
  • FREE BONUS MOVIE: “Ninja the Protector” — One of the biggest inspirations for the series! This movie totally un-ironically adds ninjas on motorcycles to a tale of a fashion model corrupted by fame and fortune. “Miami Connection” has nothing on “Ninja the Protector.”

Ninja Empire

  • Ninja Empire with comedy commentary by Ed Glaser, Brad Jones, and Meagan Rachelle
  • Ninja Empire with original audio track
  • The season 2 premiere of Ninja the Mission Force!

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