25 Must-Have Items for Your Video Production Kit

When you’re a low budget filmmaker shooting on location, you never know what might go wrong. It pays to be prepared. Having a utility kit is a must, and here’s what I keep in mine:

  1. Leatherman Blast multi-tool, for all-purpose fixes
  2. LED flashlight
  3. Spring Clamps, for hanging backdrops or clipping gels to lights
  4. Spare power strip, since you never know when you might need a few extra feet of cable or one more outlet
  5. Spare batteries, AA and AAA for microphones and other gizmos
  6. Mini sewing kit, for small wardrobe fixes
  7. Safety pins, for all manner of wardrobe fixes
  8. Black trash bags, for collecting trash on location and covering unwanted background elements
  9. Lens cloth
  10. Gaffer tape
  11. Duct tape
  12. Masking tape
  13. Invisible tape
  14. Super glue
  15. Rubber bands
  16. Pen
  17. Pocket Notebook
  18. Handheld mirror, for on-location makeup adjustments
  19. 2-in-1 bug spray & sunblock, to keep talent and crew safe from bugs and sunburn outdoors
  20. Lint roller, to keep wardrobe clean
  21. First aid kit
  22. Ibuprofen
  23. Hand sanitizing wipes
  24. Tissue packet
  25. Cough drops

Do you keep anything else in your production bag?

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