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  • Filmmakers' Audio Commentary
  • The Making of “Space Ninja”
  • Early Concept Short
  • Short: “Jade’s Omake”
  • Production Art Gallery
  • Bonus Ninja Film “Goketsu Jiraiya”
  • Original Comic Book
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Watch the Trippy Film that Inspired Space Ninja

By Ed Glaser | Thursday, October 16, 2014

One of our key inspirations for Space Ninja (coming October 24!) was the stylish 1988 Japanese tokusatsu flick “Mirai Ninja.” It features a demon castle made from a man’s soul, a sword-wielding albino monster with dreadlocks, sci-fi samurai girls in short skirts, and lots of ‘splosions.

It’s normally a little tough to find, except that the Wu-Tang Collection has released the entire film online! Check it out, it’s wild:

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