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Includes Special Features:
  • Director/Writer Commentary
  • Dir./Prod. Designer Commentary
  • Actor Commentary
  • Making-Of Featurette
  • "Press Start: Bio Haphazard"
  • Illustrated Mini Poster
  • Trailer
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In this sequel to the acclaimed videogame comedy PRESS START, the world’s most inexplicably accomplished evil sorcerer, Count Vile, has returned from Hades for a new bid at global domination. With original champions Zack and Sam already in his clutches, it’s up to their estranged, ultraviolent comrade Lin-Ku and the bubbly, positive-thinking Princess Xanna to save them – and the world – from disaster.

PRESS START 2 CONTINUE also adds fan favorite characters from the “Press Start Adventures” animated web series including the sardonic vampire lord Vlad (David S. Humphrey, Sonic Adventure 2 & Jack Keane), sinister succubus Morgan Le Slay, and white-haired assassin Scarthcaroth. Web personalities Noah Antwiler, Stuart Ashen, and more also join the cast.

Download the Production Notes (PDF)