Winner of 4 Tellys!

Italian James Bond. Turkish Star Trek. Nigerian Titanic! And that’s just the beginning. Join filmmaker Ed Glaser on a tour of totally unauthorized movie remakes from around the world — from Turkish knock-offs of superheroes to outrageous foreign versions of The Matrix, Star Wars, and Tron!


Thumbnail: Mexican Batwoman

Mexican Batwoman

Thumbnail: Turkish Magnificent Seven

The Turkish Magnificent Seven

Thumbnail: Turkish Tarzan

The Turkish Tarzan

Thumbnail: Turkish James Bond

Turkish James Bond

Thumbnail: Turkish Rocky

Turkish Rocky

Thumbnail: Turkish Dracula

Turkish Dracula

Thumbnail: Chinese Ms .45

Chinese Ms .45

Thumbnail: Turkish Godfather

The Turkish Godfather

Thumbnail: Turkish Flash Gordon

Turkish Flash Gordon

Thumbnail: Bollywood Evil Dead

Bollywood Evil Dead

Thumbnail: Japanese Planet of the Apes

Japanese Planet of the Apes

Thumbnail: King Kong vs. Doctor Who

King Kong vs. Doctor Who?!

Thumbnail: Italian Star Wars

The Italian Star Wars

Thumbnail: Turkish Batman

The Turkish Batman

Thumbnail: Turkish Straw Dogs

Turkish Straw Dogs

Thumbnail: Italian Conan

Italian Conan

Thumbnail: Turkish Captain America

Turkish Captain America

Thumbnail: Nigerian Titanic

Nigerian Titanic

Thumbnail: Turkish Star Trek

Turkish Star Trek

Thumbnail: Korean TRON

Korean TRON

Thumbnail: Italian Jaws

Italian Jaws

Thumbnail: Turkish Superman

Turkish Superman