Feature Films:


A suburban youth must save the videogame world from a tyrannical but eccentric evil sorcerer.

Called “the best videogame movie ever made,” this geektastic parody features three-dimensional characters, two-dimensional physics, and one demented villain. There’s also a homicidal ninja “hero,” a female space marine with a vendetta, and a naive young adventurer with gravity-defying hair. Watch them clear the map, meet Mortal Kombat‘s Raiden and Johnny Cage, and finally give that duck-hunting dog what’s coming to him.

Also featuring a score by videogame composer Jake Kaufman (Shantae, BloodRayne: Betrayal, Double Dragon Neon)!

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Count Vile has returned from Hades for a new bid at global domination! With original champions Zack and Sam already in his clutches, it’s up to their estranged, ultraviolent comrade Lin-Ku and the bubbly, positive-thinking Princess Xanna to save them – and the world – from disaster!

The world’s only sequel to Press Start, this videogame parody features fan favorite characters from the Press Start Adventures animated web series including the sardonic vampire lord Vlad and sinister slap-fighting succubus Morgan Le Slay. Web personalities uncluding Noah Antwiler and Stuart Ashen also join the cast.

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Kurosawa meets cyberpunk. A robotic ninja must protect a society of feudal space dwellers from a sadistic demon lord. Winner of a Telly Award for art design and with a score by Hollywood composer Chuck Cirino, it looks as good as it sounds.

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Web Series:


A Bollywood version of The Matrix? Turkish Superman? Korean TRON? This four-time Telly Award-winning series delves into the world of “Remakesploitation” — foreign remakes of popular American films — and uncovers how and why they were made.

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It’s 1986. You’ve just rented a videotape sporting a mindblowing cover featuring ninjas riding motorcycles and shooting crossbows while dodging exploding helicopters. But you’re in for a surprise. The movie appears to be little more than a cheap Korean gangster film — with a few disconnected scenes of white dudes in gold lamé ninja suits and headbands that say “NINJA.” The action is silly, the movie makes no sense, and the ninjas communicate via toy robots and children’s Garfield phones.

30 years later, here’s your explanation. Pop these mp3s into your cassette deck and learn some Ultimate Ninja Secrets!

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Only a ninja can defeat a ninja. Sometimes, it takes two. Gordon and Cheetah Lee are stepping up in the name of ninja justice as they battle the dastardly Bruce (Brad Jones) and his evil ninja minions of evil. Winner of a 2012 Telly Award for comedy, “Ninja the Mission Force” takes original ninja footage and crowbars it into hilariously redubbed scenes from classic films.

Featuring pirates, ninjas, ninja pirates, dragons, cowboys, ninja cowboys and so much more. Plus, you can watch it for free!

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The animated series developed alongside both Press Start movies, “Press Start Adventures” is chock full of 8-bit laughs. It’s also jam-packed with videogame voice actors from series like Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, and Mortal Kombat.

Expanding on the world of the movies, this series follows the adventures of Sam, Zack, Lin-Ku and friends Plumber Pete, Buzz Porcupine and others. Whether they’re fighting against Count Vile, battling evil clones, or dealing with endless sidequests, these heroes are tackling just about every trope videogames have to offer.

This family-friendly series has three big seasons available to watch for free!

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An alien parasite is turning people into vicious killers, and mankind’s only hope is Huntress, a cyborg sent back in time to stop it at its source. To save humanity she’ll have to shoot, shatter, and seduce her way through the scientists, psychopaths, and scantily-clad coeds responsible for spreading the infection.

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