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  • Original Comic Book
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The Making of Space Ninja

By Ed Glaser | Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We don’t mention it a lot, but deciding to make Space Ninja (on DVD Friday!) was probably a stupid idea. With a production team of only a couple of people — including lone animator Alex Mitchell who was teaching himself the craft from scratch! — we thought “hey, it would be fun to make an interplanetary epic!” And it was, in a we’re-crazy-to-be-doing-this way.

Stubbornly pressing forward, we were rewarded (and saved) with the addition of some fantastic team members. These included composer Chuck Cirino and the voice acting team at Anime Midstream (whose recent work on “Raijin-Oh” we’re big fans of).

In the video above Alex, Chuck, and I dig into what Space Ninja is all about and how we made it happen.

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