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Ninja the Mission Force 07: Ninja Exorcist

By Ed Glaser | Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gordon gets help from his mentor, Sonny Chiba, the world’s greatest kung fu exorcist! It’s episode 7 of Ninja the Mission Force!

Next week we’re premiering an exclusive interview with former IFD actor and all-around awesome guy Andy Chworowsky (“Ninja the Protector”, “Diamond Ninja Force”). Regular ninja service will continue the following week.

You can help out our little underdog ninja show and become Champion of the Ninjas! Please spread the word about Ninja the Mission Force! Tell your friends and embed the video on your favorite site or message board!

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One Response to “Ninja the Mission Force 07: Ninja Exorcist”

  1. MrDarkHumor says:

    We want the missing scene! 🙂

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